NLE Choppa’s desire to live a fully holistic life found him accidentally caught up in perhaps one the wildest headlines of 2022 so far.

Earlier this week, a rumor the Memphis rapper had been hospitalized for consuming breast milk in an attempt to fulfill an “ancestral” fasting technique started making the rounds. Choppa quickly denied the allegation while he and his longtime partner welcome their second child into the world.

An Instagram account called kicked off the hearsay with a post stating Choppa had found himself in the hospital after attempting a “90-day nutritional breast fast.” NLE immediately shot down the rumor on Thursday (January 6), writing on his Twitter account, “If you believe this you just slow. Stop texting me ‘are you ok.'”

NLE Choppa’s stances on holistic medicine curing the youth as compared to items passed down by drug companies have evolved since his 18th birthday. He’s previously professed he was closer to 2Pac and Michael Jackson than anyone else due to his beliefs, threatened to quit Hip Hop in solidarity with Brooklyn Nets’ guard Kyrie Irving’s position on the COVID-19 vaccine and more.



NLE Choppa Welcomes Second Child With New Partner Via Gender Reveal Song

At the end of 2021, NLE Choppa became a father for the second time. He took to Instagram to confirm the pregnancy after fans questioned whether he was going to be a father and went ahead to reveal the baby’s name and gender.

“Best Christmas Gift Ever, ITS A BOYYYYY,” he wrote. “Seven Da’Shun Potts. Made A Gender Reveal Song For It Too.”