Memphis, TN

NLE Choppa has made no bones about his anti-vaccine stance since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. From peddling unsubstantiated conspiracy theorist claims about the vaccines containing a microchip to urging his fans not to get jabbed, the Memphis rapper has been using his platform to irresponsibly spread his anti-vaxx beliefs.



In fact, NLE Choppa feels so strongly about COVID-19 vaccines that he’s willing to quit music altogether. As vaccine mandates continue be implemented across the country (including at concert venues), the Memphis rapper dug his heels in and declared he’d rather retire than be forced to get the jab.

“I’ll be damn if I had to take a vaccine to make music on god y’all wouldn’t hear another song from me,” he announced to his 1 million Twitter followers on Wednesday (October 6).

The “Shotta Flow” rapper also showed support to fellow anti-vaxxer Kyrie Irving, whose future as a full-time NBA player is in doubt following the league’s strict vaccine policy, while condemning employers, schools and sports teams for forcing people to get vaccinated.



“Stand on it king @KyrieIrving,” he wrote, before adding, “Fuck all jobs, schools, and sport teams who are forcing people to take vaccines. When will we realize we are the need without us there’s no them. I don’t mind people taking the vaccine but for the people who refuses to take it how is it right for them to be jobless.”

NLE Choppa has been equally outspoken towards the NFL, who announced they would fine players almost $15,000 every time they violated COVID-19 protocols. “Fuck the NFL And Them Vaccines,” he tweeted in July. “Y’all gone start listening to me I been told y’all what’s really going on.”

NLE Choppa Thinks The COVID-19 Vaccine Is Being Used As A Tracker

One form of medicine NLE Choppa does put his faith into, however, is herbs. In June, he claimed he developed a herbal remedy that cured a woman’s cancer diagnosis.

The 18-year-old rapper later claimed to be working on herbal concoctions that can cure a range of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including herpes, gonorrhoeae and chlamydia, as well as anxiety, insomnia and erectile dysfunction.