As hospitals across the country continue to fill up, positivity rates rise and more than 300,000 lives, including those of Fred The Godson and Ganxsta Ridd have been lost to COVID-19, NLE Choppa has decided now is the time to express his pandemic fatigue and tout baseless, non-scientific claims via some new music.

In October, The “Walk Em Down” rapper took to Twitter to proclaim that he would no longer release music that promotes violence. Instead, he’s now taken to doing something even more harmful to suggestible mind.

In his ironically titled new single “Protect,” the 18-year-old rapper is spewing low-level conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 vaccine, including an unsubstantiated claim that the two-part inoculation is being used as a vehicle to microchip those that receive it.

“Vaccine’s the mark of the beast/Can’t put no chip in me/Tryna block spirituality/Tryna fuck up DNA in my genes.”

Earlier in the song, Choppa took his vapid theories to an even higher plateau suggesting that mind manipulation is being perpetrated by the Central Intelligence Agency.

“Our thoughts create our reality/Confirmation that it came from the CIA/That’s a topic that need to be unmuted/But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it/Couple miles away, we ain’t gotta run to it/Marathon getting shorter we gon’ break through it.”

Choppa’s inclination to believe in conspiracy theories over facts is nothing new. In early November, his single “Bryson” was met with more negative feedback than any of his previous songs. Choppa blamed the negative press on a person or entity that he claims was attempting to stop him from trending.



For anyone thinking pseudoscience is reserved for today’s Hip Hop youth, Pete Rock has also taken to social media recently to express his non-science-based claim that vaccinations are designed to eradicate large groups of people despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

According to The Covid Tracking Project, there were more than 195,000 new cases and 1,618 new deaths on Sunday, December 20 alone. For up to date information visit