Bobby Shmurda’s explanation behind his new dance moves proves just how much he actually values his freedom.

The “Shmoney” rapper revealed he used to be like the prison inmates dancing around with huge makeshift shanks and knives in a video he reposted on Instagram Tuesday (January 4), explaining he would much rather get his groove on as a free man on social media than incarcerated behind the wall.

“Watch them Mf’s who be dancing when they come out of jail [Crying laughing emojis],” he wrote in the caption. “Had one the size of my foot I used to walk around with in my socks [Frank and beans] [Wink face emojis] lol nah but Rns [Real nigga shit] I rather dance outside free in videos stages clubs IG TikTok wherever I could then to do it in there again so remember to appreciate your freedom!!!!”

Since being released from his six-year prison stint last February, the New York rapper has been Shmoney dancing any chance he gets.

Back in October, Bobby Shmurda’s dance moves became the topic of conversation following the release of his Quavo-assisted “Shmoney” music video, which spawned countless TikTok imitation videos of Shmurda’s fiercely rambunxious pelvic thrusting.

Cardi B even stuck up for his dancing, claiming both Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel were often in solitary confinement when she would go visit at Rikers Islands after Twitter trolls claimed his moves were suspect.

Cardi B Defends Bobby Shmurda's 'Dancing': '[He] Ain't Punked Out In Jail'

Wiz Khalifa also gave Bobby Shmurda’s dance moves the seal of approval in a tweet last month praising the “Hot Nigga” rapper for how he moves his body.

“If I could dance like Bobby Schmurda I would,” Wiz joked in a December 18 tweet. “I be too stoned to move my body like that but that shits hella awesome to watch.”