Since his release from prison in February, Bobby Shmurda has been ridiculed for what fans deem questionable dance moves. The hip gyrations and body ticks have people wondering what happened to the Brooklyn rapper, but one of his NYC rap peers is defending him.

On Sunday (December 19), Cardi B took to her Twitter to remind fans not to get anything twisted with Bobby Shmurda and his dance moves. According to Cardi, Bobby never faltered in prison whenever she visited a friend and heard stories about the rapper.

“Y’all really be trying Bobby cause he be dancing and no lie when I used to do visits in Rikers Bobby & Rowdy were always in OBC solitary confinement cause they was really getting it rockinThem boys ain’t punked out in jail really stood on their shit unlike a lot of rappers,” Cardi said.

A fan chimed into the conversation and agreed with Cardi B, saying that Bobby is living his best life. Cardi saw the reply and responded to the fan to further bring her point across that Bobby deserves to be happy and do as he pleases.

“Exactly he’s Happy ass FUCK !!full of life !!! HE DID 7 years in fucking jail.Celebrate freedom everyday and however the fuck you want to do it !!!,” Cardi tweeted.

Hopefully, the dancing has Bobby in good spirits after revealing he hasn’t had control of his label since he signed to Epic Records in 2014. Earlier this month, Bobby revealed Epic Records controls all his music, and he has no say on when anything is coming out.

Bobby Shmurda Claims He Hasn't Had Control Of His Music Since 'Hot N-gga'

“I ain’t been in charge of my music since I was 19 years old and I just turned 27 and honestly idk when shit dropping,” he wrote. “So don’t ask me shit go ask them mf’s since they wanna control everything!!!!!!!”

Rowdy Rebel admitted the same thing a few weeks later when he said he’s not releasing any music until he gets paid.