Bobby Shmurda is finally in album mode despite many fans growing tired of the long wait for new music. He’s been dragged for several things, though, such as taking his time on the project and dishing out some questionable dance moves lately, and it looks like he may have gotten fans even more upset.

On Wednesday (October 20), Bobby Shmurda took to his Instagram to post a video on making love the right way with a significant other. Fans were already asking questions about the Brooklyn rapper’s recent behavior, and this video only fueled that fire.

“I’m not trying to be an asshole about it, but I’m saying, you n-ggas need some WD-40 or some shit bro,” Bobby said in the video showing only his bare chest, a pair of Calvin Klein boxers and grey sweatpants. “Like I don’t know, you muthafuckers too stiff. Tthe girls are complaining, bro. You gotta whine out… You gotta hit all angles.”

Bobby continued to explain men can’t always handle action in the bed the way they want to. According to the “Hot N-gga” rapper, you have to hit all angles to please a partner.



“She ain’t never going back home trust me,” Bobby added before showing his fans how to put the key in the ignition and get the car running.

Bobby Shmurda’s impressive gyrations were the talk of the town on social media, especially in the comments section of his post. Fans were asking once again why Bobby was moving so sensually while others were enjoying the show.

“This ain’t the Bobby who through that hat n-gga been moving like Shakira ever since he got out,” one fan wrote on Instagram while another said, “BOBBY EVERYTHING OK ?”

Rowdy Rebel and Fetty Luciano supported their boy Bobby’s take on love-making with their comments approving the hip movements.



“Come let me whine inna ya hole put stop sign inna yah hole,” Rowdy Rebel joked, while Fetty put, “Oil she up.”

Bobby Shmurda Gets Clowned For 'Twerking' In New Video Snippet

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