Wiz Khalifa is one of the most chill rappers on the planet and he usually shows love to his peers whenever he gets the chance. He’ll also been known to stand up for people when others are dragging them.

Recently, the Taylor Gang rapper took to Twitter to give a shoutout to Bobby Shmurda and his vibrant dance moves that fans can’t stop talking about on social media.

Ever since his release from prison in February, Bobby has been seemingly busting a move at every opportunity. And while some people have raised an eyebrow at his “fruity” moves, Wiz is simply watching on with envy.

“If i could dance like Bobby Schmurda I would,” Wiz joked in a December 18 tweet. “I be too stoned to move my body like that but that shits hella awesome to watch.”

Despite his renowned smoking habit, Wiz Khalifa might not be giving himself enough credit as he’s pretty mobile with his body. The 34-year-old has taken up mixed martial arts in recent years — transforming his once-skinny frame into an athletic physique — while boasting one of the best live concerts in the game today.

Wiz isn’t the only rapper who’s feeling Bobby Shmurda’s dance moves. Earlier this month, Cardi B came to the Brooklyn rapper’s defense over the backlash to his dancing, shutting his critics down on Twitter.

“Y’all really be trying Bobby cause he be dancing,” she wrote. “No lie when I used to do visits in Rikers Bobby & Rowdy were always in OBC solitary confinement cause they was really getting it rockin. Them boys ain’t punked out in jail really stood on their shit unlike a lot of rappers.”

Cardi B Defends Bobby Shmurda's 'Dancing': '[He] Ain't Punked Out In Jail'

Aside from envying Bobby Shmurda’s mobility, Wiz Khalifa is also calling for an end to the violence and disrespect in Hip Hop following Drakeo The Ruler, Young Dolph and Slim 400’s recent murders.

“As entertainers lets try some shit next year,” he urged in a tweet. “Minding our own business. Not dis respecting each others family, dead homies, or area they come from. Stop using someone else’s significant other as a one up to the other person. Actually showing the same love you expect to get.”

Wiz also recently dropped off a new album called Wiz Got Wings, which found him reuniting with Kush & Orange Juice producers Cardo and Sledgren. Stream the project below.