Wiz Khalifa could be the poster child for rap’s involvement in the cannabis industry. Like Cypress, Hill, he’s built a career on a foundation of weed. On Friday (November 13), he made it clear on how he feels about smoking with blunt wraps versus smoking with papers.

“Stop smokin blunts,” Wiz posted in his Instagram stories. “No blunts in my session or in the room with me.”

He added in a follow-up post, “If you smoke blunts, you like tobacco and no weed and we’re not the same.”


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The Taylor Gang leader is a partner with RAWthentic Rolling Papers and sells rolling papers on his official webstore. His personal crusade against blunt papers isn’t anything new for those following the Pittsburgh rapper. He, along with Curren$y, once tried to convince Nipsey Hussle to switch from blunt wraps to white papers and in 2012, he firmly planted his love for smoking papers over blunts in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid, highlighting the difference in their materials.

“I smoke papers, not blunts though,” Wiz told Whoo Kid. “I’m against blunts, totally against them. I hate blunts. It’s the tobacco. I smoke weed, no tobacco.”

Wiz Khalifa Unearths A Blog Era Classic With Official ‘The Thrill’ Single Release

The Rolling Papers rapper decided to go back to his blog era days earlier this week when he added his Empire of the Sun cut “The Thrill” to digital streaming providers. The track, a 2009 flip of the Australian indie band’s “Walking On A Dream” was one of the standout tracks from Khalifa’s Burn After Rolling mixtape.

“‘The Thrill’ is a really special song to me because I seen that one grow from the ground up,” he recalled. “I remember being at a low key show at a college and one of the kids told me about the song and he said ‘man you’ll be that dude if you sample the song.’ So I immediately went home, started thinking of some bars, went to the studio and recorded it.

“And it was one of those songs that we took on the road and made our own videos for, and performed it, and the world loved it. And I’m happy that it’s available on all streaming platforms and that people can enjoy it the way that they need to now.”