Rappers are always in the mix when it comes to fashion as they’re constantly on the lookout for new pieces from their favorite brands. Having a closet big enough to hold all the clothing a rapper may get is a must and Rick Ross isn’t lacking in that area.

On Monday (December 20), the MMG boss took to his Instagram Story to flex his massive walk-in closet. The large wardrobe is so big that Ross even issued a new social media challenge to his fashion-forward followers.

“When them boys be talking about they fly and all that, fuck showing me your outfit; show us what your closet look like!” Rozay said in the video before pointing at a ladder inside the closet. “I got that shit that’s in Nieman [Marcus]. Bitch gotta climb up there.

“I ain’t even organize this. So when you getting dressed up now, just know, when you walking around with Rozay, this only one closet. We got a lot of closets!”

Rick Ross brought fans further inside his personal space last year during an appearance on Complex Closets. The episode found Rozay providing an exclusive look at one of the massive sneaker collections in his Atlanta mansion.

The sprawling, $5.8 million estate, which previously belonged to boxing legend Evander Holyfield, boasts 109 rooms, including a bowling alley, movie theater and banquet hall. The residence was used as a film set for the 2021 Eddie Murphy comedy Coming 2 America and even blew Diddy’s mind during a visit earlier this year.

Rick Ross Bought A $1M House Just So He Can 'Ride By It'

Rozay also owns a $1 million crib in the ATL, which he bought “just so I can ride by it every day while I’m in Atlanta.”

When he isn’t flexing his closets, Rick Ross is making headlines for slipping out of interviews without saying goodbye and throwing more shots at his longtime rival 50 Cent.