After Yung Miami and Diddy were seen in November 2020 getting cutesy on a beach date, the City Girls rapper officially confirmed on Sunday (December 19) the pair isn’t together.

In an interview with the WGCI Morning Show, Yung Miami was asked plainly whether she and Diddy were an item, to which she firmly replied, “No.”

JT chimed in and said Yung Miami was indeed dating someone but when pressed further, Miami simply said, “We ain’t gonna answer that.”

As the hosts inquired more into who Yung Miami’s type of guy might be, she added she wouldn’t date anyone who makes less money than her.

“No, no, no no,” she replied to the question. “I just want big dog status, everything I want it gotta just be big.”

The host added, “You know with ‘big dog status’ come a lot of big dog problems,” to which Miami replied, “And guess what? I’m a big girl.”

The interview comes after the Diddy and Yung Miami were spotted together multiple times over the summer. Rumors of their relationship started up in June when they were spotted holding hands at Quality Control CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas’ birthday bash. They were then seen together again in August, with Yung Miami pictured in a photo sitting on the 52-year-old mogul’s lap, sipping from a bottle of his DeLeón Tequila.

As for the aforementioned beach hang, only the rapper could be seen in an Instagram post captured from the November 2020 date. The man in the photo had his back turned, but the Quality Control rapper seemingly confirmed it was Diddy after she changed her Instagram caption from “real pretty and sadity” to “real pretty and sadiddy.”

Yung Miami ended up deleting the Instagram photo but did make another subtle reference to Diddy by posting the “buenas noches” line from her song “Rap Freaks” on Instagram a few days later.

The full line goes, “Diddy, let me put it in your face like them roaches/And put your rich ass to sleep, buenas noches.”