New York, N.Y.

Ahead of Don’t Look Up‘s debut in theaters nationwide on Friday (December 10), the film held its star-studded debut at the Lincoln Center in New York City on Sunday (December 5).

The Adam McKay-directed blockbuster casts Kid Cudi alongside a myriad of Hollywood’s finest including Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Tyler Perry, Jonah Hill, Ariana Grande, Timothée Chalomet, Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Evans and more.

Kid Cudi steps back in front of the camera in the role of DJ Chello. He also appears on the film’s soundtrack for a genre-colliding team-up trading different pitches of heavenly vocals with pop star Ariana Grande on “Just Look Up.”

Instead of throwing on a matching suit with Leonardo DiCaprio, Cudder elected to be as cozy as possible at the premiere in frigid NYC. Kid Cudi rocked a Balenciaga x Gucci puffy jacket, Balenciaga hoodie and furry animal-themed slippers walking the red carpet.

The Ohio native’s favorite part of the premier was finally having the chance to meet his co-star Meryl Streep.

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“I met Meryl Streep tn and she showed me so much love about Dont Look Up. I fuckin adore her so it was a very VERY big deal. Gassed.  Meryl is fam now,” he wrote of the three-time Oscar Award winner. “When we took the group picture Meryl walked up and was like ‘Cudddiiii.'”

Don’t Look Up hits theaters on December 10 and then comes to Netflix on Christmas Eve. Watch the trailer below.