Cordae has been keeping fans waiting for his new album A Bird’s Eye View since he announced it in May. The Maryland rapper only dropped one new song in “Super,” and he’s treating fans to a surprise once again with a brand new single.

On Friday (December 3), Cordae unleashed a new single and video for fans to get their hands on titled “Sinister,” featuring Lil Wayne. Hit-Boy takes on production duties on this track as Cordae and Weezy trade bars all over the slick production.

In the Edgar Esteves-directed music video, Cordae acts as what seems to be an activist while Wayne is a guest speaker, helping inspire the “HI LEVEL” movement.

“Let’s reflect times, I try to collect minds from complex rhymes/And by the way, shoutout Tech N9ne, uh/Go and shut the fuck up, just let me talk, nigga (Shut the fuck up)/I’m a time bomb that’s waiting to go off, nigga,” Cordae raps.

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Lil Wayne comes to close out the song rapping, “Lil’ Tune flow sinister, I’m a finish ya/Many men gon’ need ministers, I made men of them/Enemies, I’m the enema, I’m a shit on them/Just like my keys, drop my genitals on her dental work/My thoughts I keep confidential or it’s consequential.”

Cordae hasn’t given a release date for his upcoming album yet, but fans are paying close attention to any signs that may pop up. Before he drops A Bird’s Eye View, Cordae had time to give out some financial advice for inspiring rappers. During a visit to Akademiks’ Off the Record podcast earlier in November, Cordae dropped off some financial advice he lives by when he’s purchasing jewelry.

Cordae Drops Financial Advice On Rappers: 'You Need $30M Before You Can Buy $100K Cuban'

“If you talk with any actual accountant or person that is an expert in finances, they’re gonna tell you how much money you really have to have to buy a $100,000 Cuban, to really be able to actually afford it in a knowledgeable and smart way, they’re gonna be like ‘You need to have $30 million, before you can really, really really buy this $100,00 Cuban,” he said. “Especially in the industry, like, we don’t have a 401K, we don’t have no retirement plan.”