It’s clear as day that 600Breezy and FBG Duck were not the best of friends. When FBG was murdered in August 2020, Breezy dropped a diss track he recorded before the killing titled “Stop Playin” that took numerous shots at the late rapper. Now, Breezy is standing against his former foe again.

In the latest segment from his interview with DJ Vlad, 600Breezy spoke about the alleged killers snatched up by police and were charged with murder in aid of racketeering, federal firearm violations and assaults in aid of racketeering in the case last month. According to Breezy, he thinks the men are all innocent.

“Personally, we like this, you know, O’ Block and 600,” Breezy said, crossing his fingers. “I feel like they’re innocent. I feel like the police got to make an example out of people because of where it happened in Chicago. It’s like him getting killed in Times Square in New York. I feel like time was ticking, and they were thinking, ‘we gotta do something.'”

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He continued, “They just did whatever they did because they would’ve been locked them n-ggas up. That shit was over a year ago. It wouldn’t have taken that long to figure out if they got whatever they claim they got. That wouldn’t have took them that long. I feel like they just smacking them on the wrist and trying to make it seem like ‘yeah we’re trying to help stop the violence or help solve this case,’ but I feel like them boys innocent man.”

FBG Duck was killed in a hail of gunfire in broad daylight in Chicago’s affluent Gold Coast neighborhood in August 2020. The murder shook up the community since something that violent never really happened in the area. The killers were charged after the city of Chicago has been riddled with murders and incidents tied to racketeering cases.

Mother Of Murdered Chicago Rapper FBG Duck Reveals Arrests: 'They Got Them Muthafuckas'

Earlier this month, federal investigators announced they would be laying down the hammer after a racketeering indictment charged the Wicked Town gang in Chicago with 19 murders across the city. The case was the final push for investigators to crack down on the rising gun violence in Chicago that’s rising at an alarming rate.