A resurfaced FBG Duck interview shows he knew his untimely demise could be a reality, but he appeared to be attempting to protect himself.

Vlad TV shared the 2017 interview on Thursday (August 6) when at one point in the sit-down, the late rapper confessed he constantly thinks about how people want to kill him. Despite being woefully aware of the mark on him, he was looking to stay out of trouble.

“Of course I know muthafuckas wanna kill me,” he says in the clip. “I’m a very disrespectful person. I know what I did in my lifetime. They don’t know because they don’t be out here with me. They don’t be on these blocks. You feel me? So they don’t know. Can’t nobody tell you shit about me like I could tell you about me. So it’s like, why would I put myself in a place where I know I ain’t supposed to be? So it’s like if I put myself in that place and I know I ain’t supposed to be there, then I know I’m looking for trouble.”

He summarized his thoughts by reaffirming how much he values his life.

“But I ain’t gon’ go nowhere I ain’t wanted ’cause I ain’t gon’ play with my life,” he said. “My life mean a lot.”

Duck was gunned down in broad daylight while shopping in a luxury retail plaza within Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood on Tuesday (August 4). After being pinged about the murder during an Instagram Live session, fellow Chicago native Lupe Fiasco was even more shocked to learn of the location.

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“On Oak Street?” Lupe incredulously asked. “What type of nonsense? That’s right downtown. Wow, dang that’s terrible, man. That’s terrible. He was really, really good. He’s a really good rapper. On Oak Street — that’s like somebody getting shot on Rodeo or like on 5th Avenue in New York.”

Two others were injured in the shooting, which is currently being investigated by police.

Watch the full interview above. The conversation about being killed happens around the 6:38-minute mark.