HipHopDX – Even though Maxo Kream just dropped the anticipated follow-up album to his debut Brandon Banks offering, he says there is still music in the vault featuring a pair of his superstar collaborators.

Last month, the Houston rapper and clothing designer released his long-awaited Weight Of The World album intact with guest verses from A$AP Rocky, Tyler, The Creator, Freddie Gibbs and Don Toliver, effectively adding a new body of work to his growing discography — which doubles as an anthology for his life.

During his recent interview with HipHopDX’s Connected DXTS series, Maxo gave details about his Weight Of The World collaboration with Tyler, The Creator and also explained how he and A$AP Rocky linked up for their “Streets Alone,” banger also.

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Maxo started off by expressing how important the release of the project was for him, revealing that he completed it in December 2020, but took his time with the release in order to plan his first-ever album rollout for Weight Of The World.

“It’s one of the first real rollouts I ever had, on an album — with videos consistently dropping, I just feel it’s my time to let the world hear this,” he said. “I been sitting on it for a minute. I finished this tape in December 2020. I was really looking for the right time, to put it in these folks’ face.”

But patience is a virtue Maxo has mastered as of late. So when the time was right, he chose his off-kilter Tyler, The Creator-assisted “Big Persona” banger beat the pack to lead the charge of the album rollout.

Though the track is a one-off collaboration seemingly manifested by the deafening call of loyalist fans for both artists, Maxo says he and Tyler have more in the vault from where that came from.

“We been did that shit,” Maxo said. “Me and Tyler got hella songs. That’s the one that we picked. We been working. COVID was going on, so everybody’s real low with their shit. You know, masked up, working, and shit like that. But hell yeah, we got a gang of shit.”

Attracting nearly four million views on the official video on YouTube, “Big Persona” has become one of Maxo Kream’s highest performing video releases on the streaming platform to date. Visuals such as “She Live” featuring his fellow Houston native Megan Thee Stallion and Maxo’s hit “Roaches” single are among the videos in company with “Big Persona.”

Maxo Kream also spoke on the infamous text conversation with Tyler he posted to promote “Big Persona,” remarking on how they are both, “trolls” and feed off of each other’s creative energy.

“That’s how the fuck it hit me,” Maxo started off. “Like that, nigga, That’s how he hit me. You know what I’m saying? Tyler one of the niggas — he a thinker. I’m a thinker too though. You know he a troll. So anything he’d throw to me, get shook up, and he got an audible.”

Maxo Kream also maintains Tyler, The Creator is a formidable collaborator and touched on the high intensity the L.A. native brought to their studio session while recording “Big Persona.”

“But now, on some authentic shit bro is a crazy artist,” he said. “The vibe of the studio was crazy. I respect what he do. Bro made the hook, made the beat, all that. Very talented.”

Yet another rap superstar attached to Maxo Kream’s Weight Of The World album, featured on the anthemic “Streets Alone” track, is multi-platinum Harlem Hip Hop savant A$AP Rocky —who Maxo says dumped off a bunch of records to him at one point while he was working on the project.

“Man, Rocky just sent me that bitch, he said. “He sent me a bunch of songs to choose from, and I chose that one. I don’t even know who produced that bitch. I ain’t going to lie to you. That’s crazy as a muthafucker. Right? Yeah. Honestly. I ain’t going to play. I don’t know. Rocky sent it to me. Ask Rocky. That’s the one that had the vibe. That was the best one, out of the ones he sent me, so I fucked with it. ‘Streets Alone’-type shit.”

In the midst of teasing a collaboration he sent back to A$AP Rocky for his upcoming All Smiles album, Maxo Kream also briefly touched on the years-long bond he’s built with the entire A$AP Mob.

“Man, it’s more like, I fuck with Rocky on a whole other level, not even on no music shit,” Maxo proclaims. “Shawty ass been coming down to Houston since 2012. His boys and all that shit. Ferg and all them niggas, Addy, all the A$AP niggas really. I been fucking with them niggas since way back.”

Tyler, The Creator & A$AP Rocky Assist Maxo Kream On 'Weight Of The World' Album

Both Maxo’s “Big Persona” single with Tyler and his “Streets Alone” collab with Rocky have found a new home in the Texas spitter’s most popular tracks on Spotify since the release of Weight Of The World on October 18th — racking up nearly seven million streams between the pair of songs thus far.

Watch the full clip above.