Westside Gunn is mourning the sudden loss of a loved one and by the sound of it, they were a central figure in the Griselda Records founder’s life. On Wednesday (November 3), Westside Gunn posted several photos to his Instagram account of his Aunt Chelle, who he described was more like a mother than an aunt.

While he didn’t disclose her cause of death, he made it painfully clear just how impactful her passing is. He also revealed he’d just taken her out to dinner prior to Rolling Loud New York last weekend, so there’s a sense her death was unexpected.

“Last Night I lost my foundation, the person who raised me, the one who made me FLYGOD, the person who introduced me to Hip Hop, to Fashion, my biggest supporter, my Aunt/Sis/Mom and this is months after we just lost her father my OG Big ALVIN,” he wrote in the caption. “All I wanted to do was make my family proud of me, u came to every prison visit, you the one that made me and Big POOTIE possible to turn around and have 3 beautiful children, IDK how to even explain this to POOTIE.

“I just took u to dinner before Rolling Loud, just got your new house and the last thing u said to me was thanking me bc I gave u a nice budget for furniture and you said I was Super Blessed to be able to do so.”

Westside Gunn then confessed he’d been holding his grief inside since losing his grandfather last month.

“I make this shit look good but I been hurting since Big AL, but this is the one that’s taking me out,” he continued. “I’m a keep this shit going for my family and her bc I know she’s watching she literally lived thru me and still will but just know inside I feel like a dead man. I hate this industry shit truthfully I mean everything about it except the fans/supporters but I sacrifice, I work 25/8 and nobody knows how I been taking care of my family like I have, u always stood next to me, u bought me my first Jordan’s, Had me wearing Gucci at 13, liked every post, asked a million questions about how is Jay Z, How is Kanye and I’ll say it don’t matter I’m the FLYGOD lol.

“I’ll never be the same again. RIP AUNTIE CHELLE the True [Goat]. so if u not with me u better believe I’m crushing shit, I’m about to give the world the illest shit they ever seen for BACON, CHINEGUN, DJ SHAY, GDAD BIG AL, and Aunty Chelle and with a Cold heart, she used to read haters comments (she read everything about me) and didn’t understand why, like u take care of family, ur a father, u put everybody on, your whole city on, that’s why I hate social media y’all will never know the real me.”

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The devastating blow comes just as the Buffalo, New York native was on a creative high. Over the last few months, he’s dropped both Hitler Wears Hermes: Sincerely Adolf and Hitler Wears Hermes: Side B. He’s also been giving back to his fans, as well.

On Monday (November 1), the avid wrestling fan paid off an aspiring wrestler’s wrestling school balance. After Littlefoot tweeted, “Only $500 left to pay off Wrestling school,” Westside Gunn responded with a screenshot of a Cash App payment with the caption, “Pay that school off right now, we got work to do.”

She responded, “Y’all I’m gonna go cry Gunn just paid my wrestling school balance. Never asked big homie for nothing. That’s true love and support right there. Omg.”

Now, Westside Gunn could use some love, which he’s finding from Busta Rhymes, DJ Premier, Bun B, Black Sheep’s Dres, Statik Selektah and more. HipHopDX sends our condolences to Westside Gunn and his family.