Westside Gunn’s love of wrestling is no secret. On Monday (November 1), the Griselda rapper was in the giving mood and decided to donate $500 to aspiring wrestler Alexis Littlefoot in order to pay off fees for wrestling school.

After Littlefoot tweeted, “Only $500 left to pay off Wrestling school,” Westside Gunn responded with a screenshot of a Cash App payment with the caption, “Pay that school off right now, we got work to do.”

She then showed her appreciation on Twitter, writing, “Y’all I’m gonna go cry Gunn just paid my wrestling school balance. Never asked big homie for nothing. That’s true love and support right there. Omg.”

Alexis Littlefoot was actually thinking about turning her back on wrestling in October, but was able to continue her dream through the help of donations.

“I was going to quit wrestling school last month cause I couldn’t afford it,” she wrote. “But thanks to my followers, friends and family for seeing me grind and supporting financially. I have never felt so blessed.”

During a 2019 interview with ONE37pm, Westside Gunn talked about getting into wrestling as a kid and keeping that same passion as an adult.

“All I can remember my whole life is watching wrestling,” he said. “My aunt Jenny, rest in peace, she was a big [Hulk] Hogan fan. Back then, Hogan was on every main event, I was going to her house and watching every pay-per-view back then. I went to the flea market every weekend to get the action figures and the wrestling merch. Once I got older, I still just had a love for it.”

He added, “You know how people start buying a whole bunch of shit when they start getting money. People ask, ‘Why did you buy that?’ Because I didn’t have it when I was a kid. Now, I just sit front row at every wrestling event possible.”

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These days, Westside Gunn is invested in professional wrestling school and promotion company House of Glory Wrestling, which is owned by Master P.

“I wanted to invest in that shit,” he told HipHopDX in 2019. “We did what we did. Just long as we the best at what we do, the sky’s the limit, man. You never know what the fuck this can be. This shit could be the biggest shit in the world. I just know it’s about to be crazy.”