It’s been a rough week for Griselda’s Westside Gunn. This past Wednesday (October 27)  the “Julia Lang” rapper took to Twitter to declare that his smallest chain costs more than Mr. T’s entire golden ensemble. Taking issue with the comment, Mr. T’s daughter, Erica Nicole Clark, responded to the claim by suggesting that her famous father not only owned all his jewelry, but it was all real and actually gifted to him.

After that Tweet, the trolls came out and began to roast Westside Gunn claiming that Gunn’s jewelry was fake and even brought up rumors that Griselda rappers had been robbed at one point or another.

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Things only got worse when the Buffalo rapper proclaimed to have been dropping classic music over the span of his career when he tweeted: “I drop classic after classic, just dropped a flawless double album 33songs.”

Trolls and haters were quick to pounce on the claim. One IG user who goes by the name of djrichroc suggested that Westside Gunn’s music isn’t known outside of this side of the hemisphere and even went as far as to call him a “one trick pony” after Gunn attempted to clown the IG user for being a DJ and a dancer.

Proving that he too can multi-task, Westside Gunn was defending himself on Instagram and Twitter, too.

Still, Westside Gunn continued to defend his work and reputation from the fallout over the Mr. T comment.

Eventually, the embattled rapper praised the legendary actor saying he “idolized” him and pointed out he named one of his songs after him even before clapping back at people who tried to diss him over the original post.