Wack 100 still wants smoke with Meek Mill. Wack joined Gillie Da Kid and Wallo for an episode of the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast over the weekend, and the Cash Money Records West boss wants to see the Philly rhymer face-to-face.

“Definitely not, we gotta get down,” Wack 100 said when asked whether he and Meek have managed to squash their longstanding beef.

All hell nearly broke loose as the tension in the room was immediately turned up about 100 notches. Wack and Wallo continued their back-and-forth while Gillie hilariously stood behind Wack and taunted him while barking in his ear.

“We gotta get down,” Wack said as he continued to threaten the podcast hosts. “You gonna line that up? I’ll get down with all three of y’all. Ain’t nobody worried about you. My knuckles is sexual, n-gga and you got a sexy nose.”

“This shit sexual too,” Gillie rebutted yelling in Wack’s ear, while Wallo warned Wack to “keep n-ggas names out your mouth.”

Cooler heads eventually prevailed and the boisterous trio somehow managed to finish out the hour-long interview without coming to blows.

Wack 100 and Meek Mill have a deeper history of their own dating back to when Wack was forced to play mediator in squashing the Meek and The Game beef over snitching allegations regarding Sean Kingston being robbed in 2016. Meek also defended Nipsey Hussle’s honor when Wack claimed that the late West Coast rhymer wasn’t a legend in December of 2019.

Meek Mill and Wack 100’s issues were rehashed earlier in 2021 when Wack inserted himself into the Meek and 6ix9ine beef. Wack blasted Meek for not fighting 6ix9ine when they had their Atlanta parking lot altercation in February. Meek then fired back claiming Wack was working with the feds. 

In August, Wack 100 dissed Meek Mill in a Clubhouse room and claimed that the Dreamchasers CEO was “ducking fades.” Meek then took to Twitter to fire back at Wack 100 by calling him out for manipulating gangs and the youth for protection.

Meek Mill Fires Back At 'Old Manipulator' Wack 100 Following 6ix9ine Run-In: 'I Think You A Fed Also!'

“Wack 100 tryna keep that manipulative stupid mindframe in tact to control and influence the younger gangs he need protection from and to use … let’s have a real gangsta meeting in private with farakhan and other strong black men and speak as men and stop embarrassing ourself,” Meek wrote.