Atlanta, GA

Boosie Badazz was mid-performance at the Legendz of the Streetz concert in Atlanta on Friday night (October 1) when a brawl broke out onstage.

In footage obtained by TMZ, a man exits the DJ booth and confronts another man onstage. It wasn’t long before fists were flying and all hell had broken loose.

But rather than stand idly by, Boosie jumps right into the melee in an attempt to get in on the action.

Someone can be heard off-camera saying, “What the fuck man? That’s why you shouldn’t have so many people onstage together.”

That was enough for the promoter, who then decided to pull the plug on the entire event. 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Jeezy, Lil Kim, Gucci Mane and Fabolous were among the other artists who were on the bill.

Boosie Badazz has been busy trying to get promo help for his new biopic My Struggle, which arrived on Friday (September 24). After pleading with Drake for help on his social media accounts, he found support from disgraced comedian Bill Cosby.

On Wednesday (September 29), Cosby shared an Instagram post featuring the film’s movie poster and wrote in the caption, “Lil Boosie, I have always appreciated your truth and support,” he wrote in the caption. “What I’m about to say, is not to compensate you because you supported Bill Cosby.

“My publicist, Mr. Andrew Wyatt told me about your film, ‘My Struggle’ and I am encouraging all of my supporters and fans to make this American Citizen, Lil Boosie’s film, ‘My Struggle’ a box office success. Thank you very much. #MyStruggle #BoosieMovie #BillCosby #LilBoosie.”

Lil Duval Shames Rappers For Skipping Boosie Badazz's Film Premiere - But Not 50 Cent's

Meanwhile, Lil Duval called out other rappers for failing to show up at the My Struggle premiere following 50 Cent’s star-studded event for Black Mafia Family. 

“Every celeb you can think of was at BMF premiere,” he wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post. But at @hesbackagain2021 premiere I only saw @qcmceo_p @troublemmb and @iamdesibanks all I’m saying is we gotta support the streets the same way we support the mainstream stuff.

“Especially in the south. Cuz they really don’t fuck wit us they just deal wit us. #staywoke.”