Hong Kong rap duo MC $oHo & KidNey take a break outdoors in their latest not-taking-ourselves-too-seriously single, “跌嘢唔好搵” (I’m So Sad).

The Travis Good-helmed video follows the goofy pair, who goes on a roadtrip to play ping pong and scope an abandoned greenhouse, among other things.

Towards the end, MC $oHo sing-raps, “呢首歌 其實冇乜意思” (This song actually has no meaning), while KidNey follows with “純粹想你聽完可以放鬆啲” (I just want you to relax after listening).

A few days later, the two shared the “rock version” of the single featuring MC SH.

Check out the video for “跌嘢唔好搵” below: