Considering Moneybagg Yo’s “Wockesha” has Lil Wayne on the intro and uses the same sample as Ashanti’s “Foolish,” it makes perfect sense to get those two artists on the official remix.

The Memphis rapper released an updated version of the lean song on Wednesday (September 22), adding an opening verse from Lil Wayne and a closing verse from Ashanti.

“First thing first, Perc’ popper, drink always muddy,” Wayne raps. “Flooded, crushed ice in the cup, it look diamond studded/Slushy, fuckin’ codeine raw, but I ain’t bussin’/Throw her in the drink, she throw me in park, and I ain’t budgin’.”

Ashanti sings, “Ain’t nobody there like I’m there for you to lean on/Double cup love both got each other fiendin’/Hey, you better change yo habits/’Cause boy, you fuckin’ with a classic.”

Sampling De Barge’s 1983 song “Stay with Me,” “Wockesha” peaked at No. 33 on the Billboard Hot 100. The track is featured on Moneybagg Yo’s A Gangsta’s Pain album and includes a clip from Lil Wayne’s 2009 interview with Tim Westwood, with Weezy also appearing in the original music video.

Moneybagg Yo spoke to Apple Music about the concept of the song, which he previously called “the official lean national anthem.”

“‘Wockesha’ was just was like one of them songs like, you rap about your habits, you rap about what you got going on in your personal life,” he explained. “Because you know, sometimes when you’re in a relationship with a girl and you got stuff going on, it’s like you be back and forth. You can say, ‘It’s not gon’ be this,’ and it ends up being that again. It’s like relapsing.”

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He continued, “And that’s the same thing people do with drugs and other stuff. They’ll say, ‘I’m through doing this, I’m through doing that,’ but then they’ll get back on it. So, I just went off the concept of that. I’m just painting pictures.”

Talking to GRM Daily about involving Wayne, he said, “I like to create and put everything into my visuals. Having Lil Wayne on the intro, man he’s part of the culture and he’s just a G.O.A.T. overall! He definitely deserved to be in there.“