The lore surrounding 2Pac endures. As the 25th anniversary of the rapper’s death approaches, more stories surrounding his life and legacy are coming around, even as the next generation prepares to anoint the “next” versions of him.

In a recent interview on Allison Kugel’s Allison Interviews podcast, rap mogul Master P detailed his early interactions with Pac, including how he had to push harder than a West Coast legend in order to succeed in Hip Hop after originally opening up for him.

“I was living on the West Coast and I had this Southern slur in how I talked, so I had to become better,” P said around the 11-minute mark. “They say the best way to do that is to stay in the gym, which was the studio. I wasn’t afraid to outwork everybody. I outworked those guys.

“While Tupac and all those guys were partying, playing, and just having fun on the road, I was in the studio working. I said, ‘While they sleep, I’m going to be working.’”

Meanwhile, Compton rapper YG has already found who he believes is the next in line to follow the footsteps of Pac. Sacramento rapper Mozzy and YG teamed for the joint effort Kommunity Service in May and just ahead of Mozzy’s Untreated Trauma album release on September 17, the rapper released a video for the lead single “Straight To 4th.”

The Suj directed video finds Mozzy in a familiar element of storytelling, reminiscing on a late friend while surrounding himself with others holding on to similar levels of grief.

2Pac Murder Investigation Called 'A Waste Of Time' As 25th Death Anniversary Approaches

The murder investigation surrounding 2Pac has been cloudy, not long after being shot along the Las Vegas Strip on September 7, 1996. After Pac succumbed to his wounds six days later, many pointed towards an incident inside the MGM Grand Garden Casino in which Pac fought with Southside Crips in retaliation for a stolen Death Row chain.

Although the late Orlando Anderson is widely believed to be the triggerman in the shooting and his uncle Duane “Keefe D” Davis confessed to being an accomplice, Las Vegas Police determined the case would not be worth the time due to Davis’ battling cancer.