Kodak Black is already a well-established rapper with years of experience, three studio albums and multiple hit singles to his name, but he’s still striving to reach another level.

When a fan suggested he should collaborate with Nas and Brent Faiyaz on Tuesday (August 10), the Florida rapper responded by saying he’d like either of his heroes, Nas and Drake, to mentor him.

“Can’t Wait To Nas Put Me Under His Wing Him Or Drake,” he tweeted. “I’m Fucked Up Bout Dem Two N-ggas.”

This isn’t the first time Kodak Black has shared his admiration for Nas. While incarcerated in April 2020, Kodak sent an Instagram request asking him to collaborate on a track.

“I’m ILL Forreal.. @nas Greetings King!” he said. “I Got This Song I Need You On. I Said Please Homie! Whenever You Get A Chance Listen To It & Jump On It Fam. I’m ILL like You! P.S. I Just Sent It To You.”

On the flip side, Drake has shown his appreciation for Kodak Black over the years. In December 2018, he gave the “ZEZE” rapper high praise for his Dying to Live album via text messages.

“Bro, your album really one of my favorites in the past 5 years,” Drizzy told him. “The bars you are rapping about friends and your purpose is so pure. What got you there? Like you are almost talking from this god level birds eye view of your own life. I wanna know how you broke that wall.”

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Following Kodak Black’s Haitian Boy Kodak project in May, Drake gave him further praise via Instagram direct messages, saying, “Man you always give me that inspiration. Real POET. Oracle.”

When Kodak replied, “I Wanna B Like You Bra, You The Greatest. Sign Me,” Drake added, “Man let’s do some music for sure. But for real you really on another level.”