Fetty Wap suffered an unimaginable loss when his four-year-old daughter Lauren Maxwell passed away last month. The young girl’s mother, who goes by Turquoise Miami, confirmed the news with an Instagram post over the weekend.

“This is my amazing, beautiful, funny, vibrant, loving, talented, smart and hard-headed princess mermaid Aquarius,” she wrote in the caption. “If you see this post scrolling by with her comment or just say to yourself ‘i love you LAUREN’ because they say that souls can feel your love #rip.”

Fetty Wap, who briefly addressed Maxwell’s death after his set at Rolling Loud Miami last month, is now sharing more of his grief on Instagram. In an emotional video, Fetty wipes away his tears as he talks about her.

“Will y’all do me a favor though?” he says. “Post all butterflies. All butterflies. Little shorty loved butterflies.”

As the butterfly emojis poured in, he adds, “Damn. Thank y’all. That’s love. I appreciate y’all for real. That’s love. She’d be happy as hell.”

Maxwell was one of Fetty Wap’s six children with mothers Ariel Reese, Lezhae Zeona, Elaynna Parker, Masika Kalysha and, of course, Turquoise Miami.

In 2018, Fetty Wap shared an Instagram photo of Maxwell as a baby and wrote, “HBD Lauren … I promise to love you forever and your mom is the true hero, for every day I can’t be there, she will. Thank you @turquoisemiami for letting me b a father to my lil lady. I appreciate it more than you know.”

This isn’t Fetty Wap’s first brush with tragedy. In October 2020, his younger brother Twyshon Depew was shot and killed in their hometown of Paterson, New Jersey.

Fetty Wap Mourns Death Of 4-Year-Old Daughter

Fetty later dedicated a song to him that came with the lyrics, “And I know you wish it wasn’t like this but boy your ass was all over the TV. I be telling all my n-ggas be easy/Always hit my line if you need me/Looking at the clouds can’t be easy/Like why the fuck my brothers had to leave me?”

He followed up with an Instagram post and took responsibility for Depew’s death.

“I love you lil bro my twin … R.I.P,” he wrote. “I failed you bro I’m sorry … I keep calling ya phone and you won’t pick tf up and that shit never ring 3 times now it’s straight to vm I love you lil bro I really thought I could get you out before I ever had to make a post like this lil bro like wtf.”

HipHopDX sends our condolences to Fetty Wap and his family.