As the cannabis business continues to grow and the drug is becoming legal in more states, people are stepping into the industry looking to get a piece of all the buzz. Rappers are getting involved with the business, and Soulja Boy is the latest one to drop his new line of marijuana. 

On Thursday (July 29), Business Wire announced Soulja Boy would be launching his own cannabis brand, Soulja Exotics. The new brand will be serving medicinal-quality marijuana in a market that already has lines from Jim JonesCurren$yWiz Khalifa and more. 

Soulja Boy will be selling a limited quantity of 3.5 grams of Grizzly Peak Soulja Exotics at exclusive legal cannabis dispensaries in California for the initial launch next week. The first official release will be Grizzly Peak’s strain “Grease Runtz,” an Indica strain with dark, dense purple flowers covered in trichomes.

“For years, I’ve been looking for a premium cannabis company to bring my product to market,” said Draco in a statement. “Grizzly Peak grows their medicinal quality cannabis indoors in coco fiber giving it a smooth inhale and exhale. I have so much going on in my head, I use weed to help me relax and function better so I can focus on my music, videos and other entertainment businesses.”

He continued, “After trying many of their products, I was convinced that these guys are top growers who can consistently deliver the type of high I have been looking for. It was easy for me to decide to launch my exclusive, limited quantities of my weed products in collab with Grizzly Peak.”

Grizzly Peak co-founder Matt Yamashita said, “We are excited about our collab and this limited quantity drop with Soulja Boy and are already in development of other exclusive and innovative cannabis products that meet his needs and the smokers he connects with. Our relationship with Soulja Boy is part of our bigger strategy to connect with smokers through their interests and lifestyle.” 

The new deal comes a day after Soulja Boy celebrated his birthday with an extravagant party that got shut down by Los Angeles police. According to TMZ,police showed up following several noise complaints and people upset about the large number of guests in the late hours of the night.