6ix9ine, Akademiks & Wack 100 Post Miami Meeting To Instagram

6ix9ine, Akademiks & Wack 100 Post Miami Meeting To Instagram

Miami, FL

Wack 100 requested a sit-down meeting with 6ix9ine to be orchestrated by Akademiks and it looks as if it ended up happening. A picture surfaced on social media Sunday night (July 25) of Ak, 6ix9ine and Wack together in Miami for a possible podcast episode.

Wack 100’s interview with the rainbow-haired rapper comes on the heels of weeks of back-and-forth between 6ix9ine, Wack and his client Blueface.

“I need dude to look me in my eyes when I ask these questions,” Wack 100 wrote to Instagram earlier in July when making his request for a sit-down public. “He has yet to be held accountable. Let me be the judge and the culture will be the jury.”

6ix9ine continued to troll Blueface throughout July as the “Thotiana” rapper entered the ring for a boxing fight earlier this month.

“The only time people talk about Blueface is when he’s not doing music, so I don’t know what the fuck you talking about,” 6ix9ine said. “Like who the fuck is Blueface? Right now, I swear to my mom, I got $20,000 in my pocket I walk around with. He’s gonna pay $25,000 to fight. I walk around with the money he’s getting paid for. What the fuck you talkin’ bout?”

The bickering ensued as 6ix9ine trolled Blueface for getting his jeweler’s name tattooed on the side of his head. 6ix9ine claimed Blueface needed to get the ink done due to a debt to the New York jeweler.

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As a result, Blueface had his Instagram temporarily deactivated, but it’s now back up and running.

“Pay close attention,” Blueface wrote. “He reported all my post for bullying and deleted his skit. Playing victim like he did in court. My IG be back up shortly. Mans came for me got his feelings hurt so he did what rats do an snitched.”


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