50 Cent spoke recently to MTV News, addressing first his newest mixtape – G-Unit’s Return of the Body Snatchers Vol. 1. The mixtape, which became available Monday (Feb. 4), was released on the G-Unit General’s web site/social-networking outlet ThisIs50.com.

“You should always expect me to be better than the guys you consider to be average artists,” said 50. “I don’t think there’s nothing average about me as far as the
opportunities or how far I would go. You see when I do G-Unit sneakers,
I don’t wear anything but G-Unit sneakers. When I do G-Unit clothes, I
don’t wear anything but G-Unit clothes. [With] VitaminWater, I don’t
commit to anything that’s not a part of my lifestyle. I practice what I
preach. That’s not just my style. Trust me, I’ve had opportunities to
do business ventures that I have turned down. I’m averaging 10,000 a
people a week [on my Web site].”

In addressing the new mixtape, 50 was particularly pleased with the idea of letting fans all across the world get his mixtape as soon as fans in the U.S. do – by way of ThisIs50.com. “I gotta be able to come up with something contextually that’s bigger
and better as far as distributing the mixtape for marketing and
promotional purposes,”
he said. ThisIs50 was the perfect outlet for
that. The traditional way of releasing a mixtape has been great. Whoo
is the biggest mixtape DJ in existence. But to reinvent it and to
get [the fans’ mouths] wet by [having] them downloading it, is Web
news. People receive it. In Germany, Kosovo, based on our last tour,
they became members of the social network, so they had the opportunity
or option to download it immediately. It makes it a lot more effective.
It gives me the world instead of just America.”

Body Snatchers is just one of the numerous G-Unit projects coming up. Aside from 50’s anticipated solo album, Before I Self Destruct, G-Unit album Lock and Load should be hitting stores soon. “The G-Unit album is gonna be a lot better than that…I already know what I’m doing.
I’m back, I got my finger on the pulse. You see how they responded to
just a mixtape

50 Cents’ DJ Whoo Kid also spoke on the new mixtape, saying 50 was “getting back to hunger mode.” He added, “He told everybody in the crew, ‘We’re gonna act like we ain’t got no deal.’ We’re getting more
creative with the original beats. The covers [of the mixtapes] are
getting more creative. We’re changing the whole aspect. It’s marketing.
Some people hate 50’s success so bad, they don’t wanna give him his
props. I guess he’s assuming now he has to bust his ass in 2008 to get
it cracking. A lot of these rappers better get their dis raps ready. On
the next mixtape, he’s going in. I’m telling you right now, I’m moving
to Hawaii.

Whoo Kid also took time to address the recent rumors about 50 Cent kicking Paris Hilton offstage on her birthday. “It’s no way we would kick Paris Hilton off the stage on her birthday,”
said Whoo Kid. “We ain’t that heartless. I know 50 hates Ja Rule and
Fat Joe, but he ain’t that heartless to throw Paris Hilton … off the
stage. … Somebody called me and asked me if Paris got kicked off. I
was like, ‘Huh?’ She was dancing the whole time. She was having a good
time. We hung with her afterwards. … We kick her off her own stage
and she’s hanging with us? I guess people wanna hear, ‘50 threw Paris
off the stage.’ “

Whoo Kid elaborated, saying that the footage of 50 kicking someone (the person is off-camera, so it’s not clear who) offstage was actually at the Sundance Film Festival, not during Super Bowl Weekend. “Paris was there too,” Whoo Kid elaborated. “She was at the front of the
stage also. But nah, we kicked a security nigga off. That’s some
security guy that kept jumping on the stage, picking shit up off the
stage, pushing people back while we’re performing. This dickhead, we
didn’t even know him. Either he’s security or works for the club, he
keeps getting on the stage. … But the video looks so generic, you
can’t tell. He got on the stage three, four times while we were
performing. 50 got so pissed off, he said, ‘Get the fuck off my stage.’
Then I played ‘Wanksta.’ The guys was acting like a dickhead.

“They are infatuated with me so much,” said 50 of the false media that surrounds him. “Whether I’m there or not or
did it or not, they make it me to make it news.

I’m in Croatia sniffing cocaine, did you hear?” he joked about a recent international headline. “I deal with this so often it
doesn’t make sense in me responding. Just like they go, ‘Hip Hop Scandals: Steriods.’ The shit lasts for two days. Why? They put 50 Cent, who’s the hottest
[artist] in rap. They picked Mary J. Blige, who’s the hottest [artist]
in R&B. Tyler Perry, who’s hot as hell in Hollywood right now.
Timbaland, one of the hottest producers, and Wyclef, who’s
international, worldwide. Everybody they picked is somebody who has an
international draw. You’ve seen all kinds of negative press on me that
wasn’t effective, that came and went because people know ‘that ain’t