Missy Elliott is one of the most legendary rappers in the game, and she couldn’t have reached that height in her career without a dedicated team beside her. To show her appreciation for her longtime assistant, Missy surprised her with a heartwarming gift. 

On Wednesday (June 9), Missy tweeted a video of her assistant opening a package she believed to be a box of record plaques. Instead,  inside was a portrait of the assistant’s mother, who recently passed away. Missy’s gift caught her assistant by surprise and drove her to tears with how detailed the picture was.

“My assistant thought she was opening my box of record plaques to hang up but it wasn’t,” Missy tweeted alongside the video clip. “Long story short she lost her mom a few years ago & her son had no pictures with his grandma at this age so I gave her this oil painting simply because She’s AMAZING.” 

The assistant removed her facemask and couldn’t believe that she was seeing her mother again, this time posing with her grandson. The teary-eyed assistant was in shock and whispered, “That’s my mama,” before going over every detail.  From her son and mother’s glasses to the Nike T-shirt Missy bought her son to her mom’s eyebrows, the assistant was in pure awe. 

It’s evident Missy cares for her team, which partially explains why so many people love and respect her. Lil Wayne spoke on Missy’s influence on him during the debut episode of DJ Khaled’s The First One podcast last year and how important she was to his career. 

Lil Wayne Credits Missy Elliott As One Of His Inspirations: 'My Favorite Artist'

“Missy Elliott, that was my favorite rapper because that would be why I was making so many sounds,” he explained. “But you know Missy was into the whole ‘brrrrt,’ you know what I mean? She’s about to make the ‘hehehehe ha’ [sound].”