Who knew that someone could buy a star in the sky and present it as a gift? Portland rapper Aminé found that out after his dedicated fans went above and beyond for his birthday gift.

On Tuesday (April 20), Aminé took to Twitter to show the extraordinary present he received from his day ones. In the pictures, Aminé received a certificate of registration from Star Register that said he officially has a star named after him.

“Let it be known to all that the star residing at the astronomically verified position of RA 1.472 and Declination +17.11 is hereby named for March 11 2021 as ADAM AMINÉ DANIEL,” read the certificate. “The name is permanently filed in the Registry’s vault and copyrighted with The Star Register with all rights and privileges attended thereto.”

Aminé was brought to tears by the kind gesture which fans saw in the set of pictures he tweeted. Along with the certificate, the Grammy-nominated rapper received a number of letters from his devoted fans wishing him best wishes on his birthday.

“By far one of the best presents i’ve ever received in my life,” Aminé wrote in the tweet showing the gift. “There’s a group of fans that have been rockin w me from day one, they call themselves the 27. They really bought me a star for my birthday and wrote me very very sweet letters… tried my best not to cry.”

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While admiring his gift, Aminé has also been on a victory lap thanks to his second studio album Limbo. The album dropped August 2020 and debuted at No. 10 on the Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums chart and No. 16 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart giving Aminé his highest-charting album.

Listen to ‘Limbo’ below.