Playboi Carti’s penchant for generating complete anarchy is on full display in his latest video for “Sky.”

Living up to his “vamp life” mantra, the Whole Lotta Red track comes to life inside of an ordinary supermarket. With a green filter tracking their every move, Carti and crew not only overrun the grocery store by knocking down products, joyriding shopping carts and throwing hundreds of dollars in the sky, they destroy the entire pharmacy department in the process.

“I’m tryna get high til I can’t feel nothin’,” Carti sings on the song’s chorus. The Nick Walker-directed visual is the first track to get a full-out video from the chart-topping album.

Lil Wayne Inspired Playboi Carti To Freestyle All His Raps

The looseness of the track and Carti’s delivery can all be traced back to one of Carti’s musical idols: Lil Wayne. During a conversation with Kid Cudi for Interview, the 24-year-old Georgia native detailed how his inspiration to “carry whatever” into the studio came from Weezy.

“I’m right there in the moment,” Carti said. “Everything is freestyle. Shout out Lil Wayne. I use whatever I bring with me that day. If something is stressing me out, I’ll come to dish that. If I’ve been hanging around my street, I’ll make street shit that day. No matter the vibe of that day, that’s how I come.”

Watch the video for “Sky” below.