Aiight, so last week we said that, “According to the Choice FM rap show, the album (Nas’s Stillmatic) has surpassed the 500,000 sales figures in its first week, certifying it a Gold Plaque.” We want to make a correction. The Billboard sales numbers are out and even though Nas shipped Gold he only sold around 342,000 albums. To all those who care yes Jay- Z sold over 400,000 in his first week, therefore beating out Nas.

Just as a point of clarification to some of our readers, records labels will produce and send out as many albums as they expect to sell. So in the Nas’ case Columbia Records expect the album to at least go Gold (500, 000 albums). This of course does not mean 500, 000 people bought the Nas album rather this is the amount Columbia Records Made. Records companies do this to save money in producing the physical CD.

Hope this clears up the mishap.

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