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Freddie Gibbs & Conway The Machine Cook Up Strip Club ‘Alfredo’ In ‘Babies & Fools’ Video

These two always shine while rapping over an Alchemist instrumental.

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Happy Hour @ HipHopDX


Kanye West Speaks About Competition, Investing 5,000 Hours Into One Song, More

Watch Kanye's live stream as he dives deeper into his new video, why he decided to follow one person on Twitter, and a snippet of his next single.


Rick Ross, Helicopters, and Stripper Poles

One night only, and for an album release party at that! Video after the jump...


Damian Marley & Nas Release Official First Single From Distant Relatives

EXCLUSIVE FREE DOWNLOAD: "As We Enter" by Distant Relatives. Management tells DX that "Strong Will Continue" won't be on album as is.


Welcome To HipHopDX Version 7

Get the scoop on the new look, new site features, and stroll memory lane with us over the last 10 years.


Breaking News: DJ AM and Travis Barker Injured in Plane Crash, Four Others Die

Last night Travis Barker and DJ AM were critically injured when their plane crashed killing four others.


The Game: Arrested in LA

"I want to say that I'm not guilty, and I love California." - The Game


Paul Wall Discusses Past Beef and Future with Chamillionaire

Paul Wall is prepping his new Album Get Money & Stay True, how true is he staying?


James Brown Dies at 73

Early this morning at Atlanta's Emory Crawford Long Hospital, James Brown passed away from a heart attacked resulting from his pneumonia.


The Language of Hip Hop

How can you have politicians, parents and critics lambasting the same language that is used to market anything from cell phones to Subway sandwiches? As the oft misquoted line from Shakespeare


Hip Hop & NBA: A Match Made in Heaven (or Hell)

Are the NBA and Hip Hop culture rubbing off on each other too strongly? We examine the parallels between the two


Video Games and Hip Hop: The Dynamic Duo

50 Cent's Bulletproof, Def Jam Vendetta, Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row. Why are Hip Hop and Video Games a match made in heaven?


Hip Hop Legends -- Has Their Time Come And Gone?

Perhaps the best solution is a continued pioneering spirit moving forward while respecting the values and simplicity of the older generation thus keeping a link to the past. Other genres like rock


Hip-Hop & Education

"Hip hop is inherently political, the language is political. It uses language as a weapon -- not a weapon to violate or not a weapon to offend, but a weapon that pushes the envelope that provokes people, makes people think."


Making It As A New Rap Artist Today

Committing to success, pursuing more than just one avenue and staying true to your sound will not guarantee success but will at least put on the right path.


Hip Hop on the Big Screen -- Reel Success Creates a New Genre of Film

Once films like New Jack City (Ice T), Boyz n the Hood (Ice Cube) and Juice (Tupac Shakur) hit it big the floodgates were opened suddenly creating a new genre of films almost entirely created around hip hop and rap.

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