Kodak Black is apparently still miffed about Megan Thee Stallion never crediting him for the “drive the boat” catchphrase, something he says he coined. Roughly one week after singling the Grammy Award-winning rapper in a Twitter post, the recently freed Yak is back.

On Monday (March 15), the 23-year-old Floridian fired off a series of accusatory tweets, slamming Hot Girl Meg for allegedly stealing his quotes. At the same time, he alluded to possibly taking legal action if the situation isn’t rectified.

“You Know What , Ima Pull Up On Jit Wit Bout 200 Bands Or Sumn Since I Raned Off Wit Da Man Quote Got Rich Off It & Ain’t Mention Em Nan Time,'” he began. “Who Shoulda Said Dat Twitter? I’m Lit I Ain’t Old & Washed Up Somewhere Hating On Young N-ggas I’m Jus Over Here Counting This Money But Still Pointing Dat Shit Out Y’all B On Dick !!!”

Kodak then insinuated he was responsible for Megan’s meteoric rise to success, adding, “Make a whole career off of taking one Lil piece of my shit & I B Coming For My Money.” Before bringing the topic to a close, he also seemed to refer to Megan as a “he,” writing, “Or You Know What Ima Just Let Him Drive My Boat & Call It Even.”

Kodak’s apparent beef with Megan was reignited earlier this month during a social media back-and-forth with Pooh Shiesty. The Bill Israel rapper claimed he invented spreading money on the ‘Gram as well as saying “Blrrrd” in songs, which Baby and Shiesty have been known to do. He then took credit for first saying “drive the boat,” which Megan frequently repeats in her music.

Kodak Black Calls Out Lil Baby & Pooh Shiesty For Stealing His Style: ‘Stop Playing'

Of course, that wasn’t the first time Kodak has been possessive of the phrase. In March 2020, Megan appeared on an episode of ABC’s daytime talk show, Strahan, Sara and Keke where she was asked who invented the “drive the boat” catchphrase to which Michael Strahan answered, “Megan.” Keke Palmer replied, “Michael, you’re right. It’s about consumption and [Megan’s] the originator of it.” While Megan didn’t take credit as the originator of the phrase, she didn’t deny Palmer’s claims either.

Kodak — who was still in jail at the time — clearly saw the clip and headed to social media to air his grievances, writing, “I really wanna go bad on lil one, but I’m keeping this shit pretty. The viral video of Kodak saying “Let me drive the boat” then surfaced online and appeared to substantiate his claims.


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