Independent standouts Kidz in the Hall—comprised of producer/DJ Double-O and MC/lyricist Naledge— have inked a deal with Duck Down Records which will release their sophomore LP, The In Crowd, next March.

Formerly signed to Rawkus Records, the duo felt the move to Duck Down would help them get to the next level. The release of The In Crowd will be a joint venture between Duck Down and Major League Entertainment.

“The Major League team could not be more excited to partner with Duck Down Records for the next Kidz in the Hall album,” Major League founder Matty Marcus says of the union. “The loyalty the label has shown to their roster over the years was a definite selling point and Dru Ha and the Duck Down team are the perfect partners to elevate the Kidz In The Hall brand to the next level. This new exciting partnership is a welcomed change and a breath of fresh air for our entire team.” 

Producer Double-O also sees the move to Duck Down as a necessary stepping stone for the Kidz in the Hall movement.

“I think that this deal is an excellent opportunity to spread our wings. Duck Down Records has proven that they can successfully promote independent acts on a major scale and their enthusiasm in our music let’s us know that they are 100% behind making the Kidz In The Hall movement successful.”

Duck Down‘s Dru Ha also was excited about the recent acquisition.

“(I) couldn’t be more excited that we added an up and coming talented group like Kidz in the Hall to our expanding roster,” Dru Ha explains to HipHopDX. “I’ve been a fan of the group since their debut album and their authenticity to Hip Hop, represented within their music made this a group that Buckshot and I aggressively pursued. As a label we’ve tried to be patient with signing acts until we figured out what would be the right fit plus and more importantly,  add diversity to our team.  We think we’ve hit a home run linking with Kidz in the Hall and Major League Entertainment.”

In addition to The In Crowd, the crew has recently toured with Redman and put the finishing touches on a new mixtape, Detention, mixed by Mick Boogie.

Detention can be heard by Clicking Here! Also be sure to check out the trailer to their upcoming video for Driving Down the Block in our video section.