Chris Brown has some things to get off his chest.

In an Instagram Story post on Monday night (December 28), the singer went off about the music industry and anyone who thinks he’s not putting out quality work. He also showed love to the up-and-coming acts and then ended on a spiritual note.

“Say what you want… but when it come to what I do you don’t do it,” Breezy began. “Approval ain’t shit when you make real music for the people!!! No cocky shit but I’ve been proving myself and providing some sort of comfort for my fans emotions! If you think I’m in this studio on bullshit every second of my life you are out your rabbit ass mind!

“I’ma keep working overtime because that’s what it takes,” he continued. “No hate but I respect all the young niggas trying to follow they dream. I hate on no music and no struggle there is room for substance. growth. Feel a type of way today to I decided to drop my nutts! Manifestation is not a myth… spirituality does not make you a bitch!”

As a veteran in the R&B and Hip Hop game, Chris definitely has room to talk his talk. Just last month, Kanye West gifted him with a $120,000 Yeezy Sherp truck to commemorate the longevity in his career.

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“Congratulations to Chris Brown on 20 years in the game,” a message with the gift read. “You’ve overcome so many hurdles and obstacles. You deserve the recognition for all the hard work you’ve put in – Yeezy.”

Check out the whip below.