NLE Choppa is speaking out against YouTube once again after experiencing an issue with another video.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday (November 24), the newly-enlightened rapper accused the streaming platform of purposely deleting his new music video “Paradise” – where he raps that COVID-19 is fake, among other things.

“Folks straight deleted me cause they know the message I’m speaking powerful,” he wrote. “This some BS.”

In another tweet, he flat out accused YouTube of blackballing him and referenced the dislike ratio that he previously complained about weeks earlier for his “Bryson” video.

“I been undergoing the most blackballing shit ever,” he said. “Everytime I drop my songs YouTube either crashes, I get a a spam a dislike that blocks it from trending and today I drop “PARADISE” video and they straight deleted my shit. They hate a smart melanin king and it’s been showingALOT.”

According toThe Guardian, YouTube has enacted specific policies to prevent the spreading of misinformation about the virus, and that includes banning content that “disputes the existence of the virus, discourages someone from seeking medical treatment for Covid, disputes guidance from local health authorities on the pandemic, or offers unsubstantiated medical advice or treatment.”

On the same day Choppa’s video was removed, the entire channel belonging to conservative news outlet and Trump favorite OANN was suspended for violating the policy for promoting a fake cure.

NLE Choppa Thinks There's A YouTube Conspiracy Against His 'Bryson' Video

“Paradise” lives on his new album From Dark To Light, which sold only 6,000 units in its first week after being released on November 1. The 18-year-old attributed the dismal sales to his choice to drop during Election Week, as well as the fact he’d chosen to drop on a Sunday to coincide with his birthday, as opposed to the typical Friday releases.

Stream the 13-track effort below.