NLE Choppa continued his spiritual awakening with his From Dark to Light album, which was released on Sunday (November 1), the Memphis rapper’s 18th birthday.

With NLE unafraid to explore certain conspiracy theories, he’s spurred conversation by touching on the “Last President” theory regarding Donald Trump on the Lamar Keys-produced track“Bryson.”

“They tell me when they gonna wait,” he raps. “Donald Trump the last president/Ain’t no more candidates/Turned my backyard to farmland.”

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The Last President theory based on the belief Trump and his family time traveled from hundreds of years ago with the intention of being the leader of the free world. There are some eerie connections helping the theory gain traction as well with the story of Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey lining up with Trump’s 14-year-old son Barron, although his name is spelled differently.

Another book supporting the conspiracy is titled 1900; Or, The Last President and takes place in chaotic New York City in early November following a controversial election. The winner of that election was a wealthy resident who lived on NYC’s 5th Avenue. Interestingly enough, the Trump Tower is located on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

NLE Choppa Warns Fans Of 'New Earth Forming'

Outside of promoting his album, NLE still carved out some time on his birthday to give back to the Memphis community. He told his followers to meet him at a certain location in his hometown over the weekend for an organic grocery giveaway to those less fortunate.

From Dark To Light contains only two features — Big Sean on “Moonlight” and INK on “Hear Me.” Listen to the album below.