NLE Choppa’s recent “spiritual awakening” has led to him sharing all kinds of theories on Twitter, which continued on Friday (September 25). The Memphis-bred rapper claimed a “new earth” is forming in December and warned his fans about making preparations for it.

“Dec 21st or around that time the sun will go down for 3 days,” he wrote. “If you haven’t been meditating, grounding, eating the right food, or just doing spirtual work period you might not make it to the new earth that’s forming.”

Since Choppa embraced meditation and had an enlightenment of sorts, he’s intrigued some fans and confused others with his comments on social media. While most of his Twitter commentary has been benign, he began to veer into the world of conspiracy theories on Friday.

“George Soros got our people acting like animals,” he tweeted. “Anything to keep us vibrating low they put in our face. This ain’t a time for protesting this a time for unity, peace, and positivity. They setting up distractions to knock what’s really going on. BLM movement Is funded by him.”

Choppa’s remarks about Soros and Black Lives Matter came after protests erupted in Louisville, Kentucky in response to the Breonna Taylor case. No police officers were indicted for homicide charges despite Taylor being shot and killed in her own home.

Brett Hankison, one of three officers involved in the incident, was indicted for first-degree wanton endangerment charges. But that meant one cop would only be held accountable for putting Taylor’s neighbors in harm’s way.

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Wanton endangerment is a Class D felony, the lowest of the four classes of felonies. It has a maximum sentence of five years and a minimum of one year in Kentucky.

Although police won’t be facing criminal charges for killing Taylor, the city of Louisville agreed to a $12 million settlement with her family in a civil case.