NLE Choppa is smarting after finding out the first week sales of his newest album.

The Memphis rapper took to Twitter on Friday (November 13) and shared his From Dark To Light album underperformed compared to his Top Shotta debut which was released in August with 36,000 equivalent album units earned.

““From Dark To Light” Sold 6K Units First Week,” he wrote. “I knew the path I took wasn’t going to be easy this just determines my faith. I Dropped on a Sunday so I loss 2 days of streaming, dropped on election week, NO promotion, and instagram refuse to give my page back. I’m Going HARDER.”

From Dark To Light was NLE’s first full-length release since he declared he was no longer rapping about violence and begun his spiritual awakening. He chose to release the album on his birthday (November 1) as a celebration of his journey and work in becoming enlightened.

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NLE Choppa Says King Von's Spirit Visited Him While He Was Meditating — Gets Called 'Crazy'

NLE’s been vocal about a number of interesting situations to befall him in recent weeks. He’s alleged YouTube has a conspiracy against him and his “Bryson” video and how Donald Trump is our “last” President after reading up on a bit of numerology. Perhaps his most chilling claim? Being visited by the spirit of late Chicago rapper King Von.

“On everything Von visited me last night while in meditation,” he wrote on Twitter (November 8). “I was calling his name while I was doing it, then my computer suddenly came on and lit my room up then it finally cut off. I started to hear my dog move around my room too. Watts crazy tho is how he woke me up. When I finally got up to go to my attic the door was wide open and studio next to it door was closed.”