2 Chainz believes America will be much different with the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House compared to previous administrations. Less than 24 hours until Election Day (November 3), the Biden-Harris campaign made a pit-stop in Atlanta where Chainz endorsed the Democratic nominee and smoothly transitioned into performing his 2012 hit song “I’m Different.”

“I think this next administration that I support, which is Biden-Harris, they offer something different,” he stated with the piano-driven instrumental creeping in. “I speak on being different, embracing being different, and without further ado, ‘I’m Different.'”

After hitting the stage, Chainz made it a point to seek out and meet former president Barack Obama for the first time, who was in attendance supporting his former vice president.

“Mannnnnnnnnnn some of yal know how jelly I been over the years not meeting Obama,” he wrote. “but that is now history and something to scratch off my bucket list.”

In related news, Chainz’s So Help Me God album has suffered yet another delay and the Atlanta native’s final Def Jam project is still without a firm 2020 release date. He’s chalked the setbacks up to sampling issues.

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“Fans probably can’t relate, but artists can relate all the time,” he told Complex in October. “What’s happening is a lot of the artists who can’t afford it, a lot of them got taken advantage of in a few different ways. When we go back and dig in the crate and use the samples from artists that are still living, they try to cash out on the replays or re-dos of their project. So we have to come up to an amicable split to where they’re happy with somebody using it.”