Los Angeles, CA

There have been multiple eyebrow-raising, image altering takeaways from Sada Baby’s exclusive video interview with HipHopDX. He’s divulged in detail his blood relationship to rapper Icewear Vezzo and also voiced his disdain for Tee Grizzley.

However, seemingly the wildest tidbit from the interview has to be the rapper’s infatuation with Canadian rock band Nickelback. Skuba actually calls the group “GOATS” and in a lengthy exchange defends his right to being a Nickelback-stan by explaining how he and his father built their relationship listening to the band.

“Hey, what’s the lead singer’s name? [Chad Kroeger] the man, Michael Jordan. That’s the GOAT,” he began.

“So, yeah, man. Me and my daddy’s relationship, it’s fucked up. Because it’s based on our jokes. Just everything is a joke. So he used to listen to so much shit, I used to always think he was playing. But he used to listen to fucking rock and roll. A lot of it, though. Just all this, like Hootie & the Blowfish, fucking Nickelback, I can’t think of the… Papa Roach. Just all kinds of shit. But he just listened to all different kinds of shit. And Nickelback, that was one of our go-to’s when we used to be ratting and shit. So yeah, man, “How You Remind Me”, that’s top five of my songs, ever. ”

The rapper was actually surprised to learn of the widespread slander of his favorite band, at one point questioning, “Y’all telling me this is a rule? They always talking about Nickelback?

Being that Sada is so consumed by his fandom of Nickelback, he went as far as essentially saying he likes their music more than Detroit-rap luminary Eminem and ultimately wishes the band and the 8 Mile legend could trade places

“I, the Black community, would like to trade Eminem for Nickelback. I don’t give a fuck. Because listen, listen, I’m going to hold off on Eminem until we get to Eminem. But I’m serious. Give me Nickelback, man. I put all of Nickelback on my playlists. Eminem, his old shit was heat. But I feel I was a fan of him before I felt, what can I say? Before I felt we was in the same profession or something.”

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He backed up his abrasive opinion by doubling down on his criticism of Shady, flat out saying he doesn’t like his style of rapping, or him as a person.

“Let’s set the record shit, I don’t like him. I don’t like how he goes about our culture. I don’t like how he don’t fuck with our culture. I don’t like how don’t speak on our culture. I don’t like how he operates when it comes to us.”

Watch the full near 11-minute segment above and revisit the interview in its entirety below.