LOS ANGELES, CA – Although many are treating COVID-19 like it has surpassed, it is still present–just like racial injustice and police brutality. The only difference between COVID-19 and injustice is that one of the two is on the verge of declination.

Many citizens have outcried for real change in policing, and many celebrities that we assumed might turn the other cheek because it hasn’t directly affected them, have gotten involved.

L.A.-based rapper Day Sulan spoke with HipHopDX about almost getting arrested while using her freedom to protest at a peaceful Hollywood demonstration.

“They [police] wanted something to make them look good because they really wasn’t doing their job,” Day Sulan tells DX. “It was crazy because we actually protested, but the looters were literally on the same block, but just the next street over. But because the police saw the news media and they saw people who were about to basically blast shit up, they were just like “Okay, we’re going to arrest the protesters instead.”

“So that was all just some fuckery. Nothing real legit about that. We were really protesting and really in their faces, really telling them the shit they don’t want to hear, but they decided to use us for like a good look – their little news shit.”

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Although things could have turned out differently for Day Sulan and her crew, she went out a second day to protest again. “We went outside the next day,” she said. “We didn’t give a hot damn. You can arrest me again. I’ll get arrested for this shit five times. Do it again. I’m still going to be outside bitch.”

Other celebrities like Michael B. Jordan, Lil Baby, YG, and Nick Cannon have all been spotted getting their feet wet on the ground to stand in solidarity with those who oppose police brutality and racial injustice. Many more celebrities have been donating to the cause and creating music and initiatives that support the movement against irrational policing.

Day Sulan’s career has been burgeoning since becoming the first lady of YG’s 4Hunnid Records in February. She recently dropped a single alongside her label boss called “Equinox.”

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