Lil Durk isn’t falling for Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s games anymore.

Taking to Instagram Live on Saturday (August 29), the Chicago rapper revealed 6ix9ine’s trolling antics were nothing more than an alleged ploy from his camp to raise interest in 6ix9ine’s upcoming Tattle Tales album. The fee for keeping up the back-and-forth on social media according to Durk?

A hefty $3 million.

“That bitch ass nigga label call me,” Durk says in the video. “Somebody from his camp. I ain’t gonna say his label. Somebody from his camp called somebody from my camp talkin’ ’bout they’ll give me $3 million to keep trolling with this nigga. Dead. I hope y’all on here lookin’ and listenin’. That shit dead, man. I ain’t never gon’ turn my back on the fuckin’ streets, ever. I’m the fuckin’ voice, know what I’m sayin’? That money shit ain’t gonna change a muthafucka. So I ain’t never gon’ respond to this nigga ever fuckin’ again.”

6ix9ine’s label, 10k Projects is slated to release Tattle Tales on Septemebr 4.

After the “YAYA” rapper visited Chicago to “pay respect” to Durk’s cousin Nuski, Durk commented on Instagram about how “the feds were in town” with 6ix9ine being in the Chi. Soon after, the “Laugh Now Cry Later” rapper revealed The Voice, his follow-up project to Just Cause Y’all Waited 2 would arrive the same day as 6ix9ine’s upcoming album.

Until the declaration last night, Durk’s kept jabbing at 6ix9ine all due to the rainbow-haired rapper’s penchant for snitching. On “Laugh Now Cry Later,” Durk didn’t hesitate in sending a shot 6ix9ine’s way, rapping, “Can you not play that lil’ boy in the club? ‘Cause we do not listen to rats.”

It’s unclear if Durk’s message to not engage with 6ix9ine will stick. Other Chicago rappers such as Lil Reese and King Von showed their disdain for 6ix9ine’s mere presence in Chicago. The “GOOBA” rapper didn’t hesitate in retaliating against Reese, posting an embarrassing moment for clout and album promotion.