Chicago, IL

At this point, it almost seems like Tekashi 6ix9ine is inviting a potential beatdown (at the very least). On Wednesday (August 26), at the same time he announced his forthcoming sophomore album Tattle Tales, the 24-year-old Brooklyn native taunted the entire Chicago rap scene by pouring out some liquor for (presumably) all the Windy City rappers who’ve lost their lives to violence.

Unsurprisingly, multiple Chicago rappers didn’t find the stunt funny and took their frustrations to social media. Lil Reese hit up his Instagram Stories and wrote, “You got extorted then rat on yo whole crew bitch stop playin wit me lil nigga you whole pussy out here that same nigga got bullets holes for fuckin around I don’t trick.”

Reese also commented under 6ix9ine’s IG post with, “I heard you just tried to sneak on block bro lol don’t lose you life playing on the internet 69,” to which 6ix9ine replied, “I seen a video of u shitten on yourself.”

Lil Durk later commented, “Damn the feds in Chicago. Everybody go inside,” while King Von offered a simple prayer hands emoji.

6ix9ine pulled a similar stunt on a recent trip to Los Angeles where he posed in front of a Nipsey Hussle tribute mural in the Crenshaw neighborhood, knowing the late Nip was an outspoken critic of the “GOOBA” rapper. The gesture was quickly deemed disrespectful by numerous L.A. rappers, including The Game who warned 6ix9ine, “Disrespectful [rat]. Keep playing.”

Tekashi 6ix9ine Announces 'Tattle Tales' Album & Trolls Chicago Hood By Pouring Out Liquor

The controversial rap figure shared a video of himself explaining why he continues to troll his enemies earlier this month.

“I’m going make this real, real clear for all my retards out there,” he said in the clip. “I was released on August 2. Since August 2 until today, August 20, I’ve been outside EVERY SINGLE DAY! Doing shit you all said I couldn’t do! I’ve been doing the most reckless shit in the world…everything you said I couldn’t do, I’ve been doing it. I’ve been outside every single day!

“I even went to L.A., You know what, actions speak louder than words, so I waited to make this video because I wanted you all to see firsthand. I’m not gonna tell you all what I’m doing, you see what I’m doing,”

He added, “Of course I have a huge security team, I’m a millionaire superstar! Why wouldn’t I…you want me dead?! You want to see a bullet right here? You probably do…not going to happen!”

Tattle Tales is expected to arrive on September 4. Until then, check out his post below