Tekashi 6ix9ine is currently busy trolling in Chicago to promote his next album and King Von isn’t here for it.

The Chicago native has made it clear in the past he doesn’t co-sign 6ix9ine or any of his antics, so it comes as little surprise Von had something to say about his latest visit to the Windy City. In an Instagram Live video, Von made it crystal clear – it’s the snitching for him.

“That shit with 6ix9ine – that shit ain’t cool,” he begins. “I don’t know. They got this man running around thinking it’s funny and shit. That shit ain’t funny, gang. ‘Cause it’s like this – I don’t know the nigga, gang. I don’t give a fuck about the nigga 6ix9ine. I don’t know him. But he told on all type of people and got people locked up and shit. That’s people family members and shit. And people gotta take care of them people. And them people got kids. I heard he told on a lot of people. I know it’s people who probably ain’t did shit to him and he told on them and shit, you know?”

6ix9ine has issues with numerous artists in Chicago and has been playing with fire as he taunts them in posts throughout the city. In one video, the polarizing rapper pours out liquor in a local alley as he promotes his forthcoming effort Tattle Tales, due out September 4. Lil Reese was among the multiple Chicago artists to respond to the clip, writing, “You got extorted then rat on yo whole crew bitch stop playin wit me lil nigga you whole pussy out here that same nigga got bullets holes for fuckin around I don’t trick.”

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In response, 6ix9ine posted a since-deleted video of Reese defecating on himself as he gets jumped by multiple men. He soon followed up with another clip to troll Chicago natives, praying and leaving flowers at the city’s infamous O Block to “pay his respects” to Lil Durk’s deceased cousin OTF Nunu.

An hour later, Durk responded by announcing he too would drop his new album, THE VOICE, on September 4.