Guapdad 4000‘s penchant for going viral is as strong as his storytelling.

As the young Oakland rapper began to navigate living in Los Angeles and his emerging rap career, one New Years Eve managed to unite multiple worlds for him, including a fateful meeting that set the stage for his breakout 2019.

“In the L.A. scene, I’m the nigga that don’t cause no problems and everybody fuck with me,” Guadpdad tells HipHopDX. “It was New Years and my dad flew out here and soon as he got out here, I said, ‘We about to do this Drake shit. C’mon.’ I don’t think he knew the extent of it but, I said, ‘Fuck it, I’ma bring my pops.”

Guapdad continued, “I introduced my dad to Drake and my dad was like, ‘Happy New Year!’ It was funny cause he walked up to Drake like he knew him in high school or something. And then Drake told him he could have whatever he want at the bar and my dad never stopped drinking. By the time it was time to go eat somewhere afterward, Drake never came in but all the paid in there was still paid for. We went to eat and drink and J. Cole is in there. And that’s what happens.”

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“Cole was with two people from Drake team and Ib and some other dude and the other dude said, ‘Yo, you’re Guadpdad! Yoy be funny!’ Guapdad recalled. “And Cole cut him off and said, ‘Nah, I just seen this nigga rapping. I seen a freestyle you did and you rapped hella good, bruh.’ And I said, ‘Shit! Thanks Cole!'”

Months after the meeting, Guapdad found himself in Atlanta, surrounded by like minds for the Revenge Of The Dreamers III camp. He made the most of it, appearing on four songs including one as a member of Zoink Gang with JID, Buddy and Smino.

Turning his ego down is what got Guapdad in the door — and perhaps one of the more hilarious L.A. rap stories in recent memory.