Spotify has launched the “Day 1 Club” as part of its ongoing celebration of RapCaviar’s fifth anniversary. The new microsite allows users to track the listenership of artists and show off how long they’ve been a streaming fan on social media.

The “Day 1 Club” digital experience lets Spotify users find out what was the first song they streamed by an artist, gauge their level of fandom and track how long they’ve been listening to the person/group. The interactive club gives fans an opportunity to earn bragging rights by attaining gold, platinum and diamond status for streaming a specific artist.

Results from the “Day 1 Club” data can be shared on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with a personalized card. The system also keeps track of the “Day 1 fans” for artists, which Spotify has been sharing on its social media account. Examples include Nicki Minaj, who has over 3.7 million Day 1’s, and Roddy Ricch, who has more than 1 million.

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In addition to the Spotify microsite, RapCaviar is offering quizzes via Instagram to let fans prove their knowledge. So far, the questions have focused on lyric quotes and the original rap monikers of DaBaby and Future.

Check out Spotify’s “Day 1 Club” here and view more from the streaming service’s newly-launched platform below.