One of DaBaby’s friends subjected himself to drinking spoiled milk in an effort to win $5,000. The Interscope Records artist’s bet challenged the man to swallow a gallon of dairy chunks in order to collect the full amount of cash.

Unsurprisingly, DaBaby’s pal struggled to scoff down the milk. His first attempt resulted in him immediately spitting it out into a trash bag. But for some reason, the guy was determined to complete the task in some form.

DaBaby downgraded the bet, changing the stakes to drinking half a gallon for $2,500. Once again, his homie (understandably) failed to do it.

Despite two unsuccessful efforts, DaBaby’s cohort insisted he could do a more manageable version of the feat. The wager evolved, turning into one cup for $1,000.

The “third time’s a charm” cliché turned out to be true as the multi-platinum selling rapper’s associate managed to finish the cup full of spoiled milk. DaBaby then challenged him to do it a second time, and the bet was quickly accepted.

“Ain’t no bitch in me,” the guy said.

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This second round of drinking spoiled milk was successful too, so DaBaby had to fork over $2,000 in total. While he lost a few grand in the end, the “ROCKSTAR” creator was the real winner since he won’t have to deal with any potential food poisoning.

View the DaBaby’s footage from the spoiled milk bet above.