Shortly after 50 Cent discussed not making another album, the G-Unit leader shifted gears on a Hot 97 interview.

While discussing multiple topics for an hour, 50 Cent was finally asked if Kanye beats him first week would he really retire, 50 retorts “Nah…then I go to war! A new 50 Cent album every time they have an important release!”

With 50 Cent down as of right now, it looks like Curtis Jackson may be coming hard after Def Jam artists.

He did however note that Before I Self Destruct may be his final full length release…

“(With) Before I Self Destruct… it doesn’t matter anymore. I probably won’t make another full length album after that.”

50 also discusses Kanye West and how West made the battle “no fun” because of his unwillingness to participate. Later on 50 commented slyly of Kanye‘s ode to Jay-Z “Big Brother” by saying “Kanye really adores Jay-Z”.

50 confirmed that the “I Get Money” remix will feature Diddy and Jay-Z and didn’t address any of the rumors that Kanye or Jim Jones would be featured at all.

Rumors also hovered that 50 dissed Beyonce when she went to kiss him on the cheek when accepting an award on the VMAs. 50 denies this completely….

“Nah you know what it is? I’m not paying attention and I’m giving an award and I’m looking around and noticing people that are there now that I didn’t notice were actually there like Steve Stoute’s there and I’m looking at him like ‘Look at this sucka!’” As a matter of fact, 50 says he would have welcomed the kiss, “I woulda took advantage of the opportunity to get a lil *kissing sound* and then said ‘no disrespect to Jay’!”

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